Bitcoin prophet Tim Draper shares his investment rules and vision for the future

close up view of a golden coin

Bitcoin prophet Tim Draper delivers his investment rules and vision for the future through cryptocurrencies. Tim Draper is a billionaire like there are many in the world today. The man is a big supporter of bitcoin (BTC), a crypto that he believes is transforming the world. Proud of his successes, well aware of his failures, … Read more

Career opportunities after BSc in Food, Nutrition, & Dietetics

A Bachelor’s program in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics focuses on developing a comprehensive knowledge of diverse aspects of research in food and nutrition. A well-designed BSc course deals with the study of food management and the importance of leading a healthy life. The three-year undergraduate program is divided into six semesters of coursework that deals … Read more

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2021

Halloween 2021 is round the corner and it is time to be prepared for it as soon as possible. The Halloween Costumes are one of the best things about the festival of Halloween. Celebrities have also started this trend of wearing the best of the best Halloween Costumes. This page is thus dedicated to all … Read more